About Dani Fernandes

DANI FERNANDES’ products decorate and scent the environment, bringing memories of nature that blend with the warmth and intimacy of each space. The various olfactory notes reflect a delicate, fresh and exotic nature and bring with them quality products that integrates into today's life.

Becoming an innovative Brazilian brand in perfumery and toiletries, DANI FERNANDES has been gaining more and more space in Brazilian life, entering through doors and opening windows for a life more capable of feeling the smell of the bush, the flowers, the field.

By choosing one of our wonderful fragrances, you will connect to a magical universe, capable of awaken sensations through the most diverse olfactory notes that will lead you to the sweet childhood memories, the flowers of spring, the tropical climate of summer and even to the warm winter teas.

Let our products surprise you and bring you the most wonderful sensations that only this incredible universe of perfumery can offer!

Dani Fernandes History

DANI FERNANDES began her pharmacy studies twelve years ago and, in love with the cosmetic universe, she has never stopped studying until today. She has done many specializations and has a masters degree in cosmetics from University of São Paulo (USP) and for four years ago she created the company that takes her name with the commitment to produce the highest quality, sophistication and beauty products.

The union among the passion to formulate, the art of creating scents and the artistic nature engraved on her soul resulted in the development of more than 200 products that make up the DF lines. Her entrepreneurial essence motivated her to create her own cosmetics industry, which has almost 1000m2 of physical structure, and is suitable to the strictest quality standards.

Always taking care of each detail with great dedication and love, she has the commitment to deliver the best to each client through her products that enchant people and transform environments!