Bar Soaps

Produced with 100% vegetable base and enriched with shea butter, they provide a pleasant sensation of softness and hydration to the skin. Made with the finest fragrances and natural ingredients, it is perfect to make your skin softer and deliciously perfumed while gently cleansing it.

  • Creamy Soap Set of 4 units of 90g (REF: SAB KIT/B/90), in Fig Flower, Pomegranate, Subtle, Verbena and Sicilian Lemon fragrances

  • 200g Bar Soap Fig Flower (REF: SAB 13/B/200), Pomegranate (REF: SAB 25/B/200), Subtle (REF: SAB 01/B/200) and Verbena and Sicilian Lemon (REF: SAB 27/B/200) fragrances.

  • Bar Soap Set of 2 units of 120g each. Fig Flower (REF: SAB 13/B/KIT), Pomegranate (REF: SAB 25/B/KIT), Subtle (REF: SAB 01/B/KIT) and Verbena and Sicilian Lemon (REF: SAB 27/B/KIT) fragrances.