Scented Sachet

Especially prepared with natural scents, which slowly exhale their soft and delicate scent. Versatile product for perfuming small environments and special moments.

  • 10g Lavender Sachet (REF: SAC/02/10)

  • 10g Rosemary Sachet (REF: SAC/24/10)

  • 10g Baby Sachet (REF: SAC/08/10)

  • 10g Cotton Flower Sachet (REF: SAC/26/10)

  • 10g Orchid Sachet (REF: SAC/29/10)

  • 10g Summer Sachet (REF: SAC/28/10)

  • 10 sachets package

  • 20g Brazil Scent Scented Sachet (REF: SAC/B)