Secret Garden Line

The new Secret Garden line has been created from what nature most lush ingredients – the infinity of scents. There are five delicious scents that reflect delicious sensations.

Rosemary, Apple & Cinnamon, Peach, Vanilla and Verbena & Sicilian Lemon. Choose yours and be amazed.

  • Rosemary

    We went into the nature to collect the original Rosemary fragrance, a scent fresh plant, refreshing and very pleasant.
    Kit - KIT24SG | Scent Diffuser - DIF24SG/175 | Liquid Soap - SAB24SG/250

  • Apple & Cinnamon

    The perfect union between the floral notes of the apple and the woody smell of Cinnamon. A delicate and unique fragrance
    Kit - KIT21SG | Scent Diffuser - DIF21SG/175 | Liquid Soap - SAB21SG/250

  • Peach

    A light and young scent, with the sweet notes of the fruit, it creates a relaxed and receptive environment. Delightful.
    Kit - KIT15SG | Scent Diffuser - DIF15SG/175 | Liquid Soap - SAB15SG/250

  • Vanilla

    A warm and welcoming fragrance. Its sweet scent brings warmth, well-being and tranquility to the environment.
    Kit - KIT07SG | Scent Diffuser - DIF070SG/175 | Liquid Soap - SAB07SG/250

  • Verbena & Sicilian Lemon

    The junction of Verbena and Sicilian Lemon creates a citrus, fresh and light scent that gives the environment an irresistibly refreshing atmosphere.
    Kit - KIT27SG | Scent Diffuser - DIF027SG/175 | Liquid Soap - SAB27SG/250