Pomegranate Line

The Pomegranate scent is characterized by fruit and woody notes, harmoniously combined to provide a charming, seductive, and exotic atmosphere.

  • Aroma Diffuser 250 ml (REF: DIF 25/250) and Liquid Soap 250 ml (REF: SAB 25/250. Pomegranate Aroma

  • 700ml Scent Diffuser (REF: DIF 25/700) and 700ml Liquid Soap (REF: SAB 25/700). Pomegranate Scent.

  • 250ml Scent Diffuser - Pomegranate Scent (DIF 25/N/250) and 250ml Liquid Soap - Pomegranate Scent (SAB 25/N/250)

  • 175ml Scent Diffuser (REF: DIF 25/175), 175ml Liquid Soap (REF: SAB 25/175) and 120ml Home Spray (REF: SPRAY 25/120). Pomegranate Scent.