Fig Flower Line

The Fig Flower scent is an exotic fragrance slightly sweet with olfactory notes extracted directly from the flowers and fruits of fig trees.

  • 200ml Fig Flower Oil Diffuser Scent (REF: DIF 13/200) and 200ml Glitter Fig Flower Liquid Soap (REF: SAB 13/GLIT/200). Fig Flower Scent

  • 120ml Fig Flower Oil Diffuser (REF: DIF 13/120) and 120ml Glitter Fig Flower Liquid Soap (REF: SAB 13/GLIT/120). Fig Flower Scent

  • 700ml Option - Scent Diffuser (REF: DIF 13/700) and Liquid Soap (REF: SAB 13/700). Fig Flower Scent

  • 260ml Option - Scent Diffuser (REF: DIF 13/260) and Liquid Soap (REF: SAB 13/260). Fig Flower Scent

  • 430ml Scent Diffuser - Diffuser (REF: DIF 13/430), Home Spray (REF: SPRAY 13/430) and Liquid Soap (REF: SAB 13/430)